Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gold in the hills

I have finished my second book "Fainting Damsel" and will soon have it in e book form. 
I have decided to write about something different in my blog besides my books.  My brother and I grew up in Arizona and we had parents who hunted for gold.  Everytime I hear the amazing price of gold now a days, I wish they had found that gold mine.  This little lady would love to be spoiled.  LOL Mom and Dad thought nothing of dragging two kids all over the desert in all sorts of weather.  We hunted for gold all over the bottom half of Arizona, which meant we had to endure the heat.  I don't remember the heat bothering us.  We had a swap cooler in our home, our cars had the windows rolled down for air to come in to cool the sweat on our bodies.  I remember a lot of laughter and being tired from lugging rocks back to the car.  Mom and dad checked the rock out once we arrived home to determine if they had gold.  Funny thing is we walked all over the Superstitions, Chiricahua, Dragoon, and Mule mountains to name a few and never found gold.  We also traveled into parts of New Mexico, but still no gold.  Now I realized, I don't think they were hunting for gold.  The gold was doing things as a family and enjoying each other's company.  What are some of your childhood memories?  I would love to hear them. 

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