Sunday, September 4, 2011

Places in the Past

HI, I have been researching places in my state.  You ask why?  Because I have a book I want to set in Bisbee in the 1900s.  I have found some interesting things I did not know about Bisbee even though I lived about forty five miles from it.  Also Bisbee is the county seat and my husband and I were married in the
Bisbee court house by a judge.  The court house in Bisbee is an amazing looking old building built into the side of a mountain.  They have a bigger than life statue out front of a very well muscled man holding a sledge hammer.  Lord have mercy!!  The statue represents all the miners that have worked the copper mines in Bisbee. 
My question is have you researched your home area?  Think of the different ideas you could come up with for stories.  I know I now have a few buzzing around in my head.
See you around the block.

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