Saturday, September 3, 2011

A teaspoon of sugar

Sometimes in moments of sheer anger I wonder who created the computer.  It thinks I work to fast and I think it works to slow.  Like a man it freezes.  Now I ask you is that fair?  Stupid computer!!  So I press more keys, button and etc.  Why can't it work through the commands logically?
Any how, I have finished my book and I am now trying to find a book cover for it.  I tried to design one myself and it isn't turning out great.  Do you think the problem could be I don't know what I am doing?  I really should take some computer classes. LOL
I am looking forward to cooler weather but the weather man says it is far in the future.  Okay...
Need to check facebook to see what my kids are up too.  Instead of calling they put it on facebook.  Hmmm
Need to work on my next book, but I may just play a game.  Do writers take the weekend off?
See you around the block.

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