Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kidding, right???

The old saying another day another dollar.  Hmm did they mean spent or earned?  In my case so far it means spent.  Erg!!!  I wonder alot about some of the old sayings.  I find some of them to be as true today as they had been when they were first spoken.  I love old sayings, it gives you something to say when you can't think of anything else.  LOL
I read Slang Words today and Joan Reeves says this is another slow year for e books and I am going WHAT!!!  Great, I really may need to look for a day job.  Gees!  I want to be a published and read author. It is all I have ever wanted to be.  I guess I will have to suffer for my art!!!  Okay enough dramatics.  LOL  Do you think e books sales have slowed down?  I really haven't been involved with them long enough to know.  Luck of the Irish? 
I received an email from the person creating the cover for my book Fainting Damsel.  Let me restate that, I thought she was creating.  The email ask if I still needed a cover for said book.  I closed the email down and did a few quick rounds of the house while raising my fists in the air and saying every bad word I know and I made up a few.  I have been waiting for that cover.  CRACKERS!!!!  I finally had myself under control and replied yes ASAP.  I hope she gets the hint.... 
It's like my momma always said, if you want it done right and in a timely fashion do it yourself.  Hmm, I may have to rethink this whole thing.
Hope your day is going better.
See you around the block

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