Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Horror!!

What is one thing that could happen to a writer who has all the stories they are working on in their computer??  You guessed it, that computer kicks up it's toes and dies.  OMG!!  I couldn't believe it and I try to get it to reboot, nothing.  Pull out my old laptop that has a mind of it's own.  It loves to wait while I am typing away and skip a line up into another sentence or it will decide to delete what I have just typed.  The edit button and undo are my close friends on this machine.  Well anyway to get back to the story from hell.  I email my youngest son, I knew he was at work and I don't like calling the kids when they are at their work place.  He calls me back and tells me he will be over later.  He takes out my driver (computer thing) and plugs it into this tiny little thing he brought with him.  He is able to down load all my files and desktop from my now dead computer onto my lap top from hell.  I mean I was in the middle of trying to format my book for Amazon when my computer died.  Ugh!!   Well it turns out my mother board is d.e.a.d.  He says he will have a new tower built for me by Sunday.  Yah!!!  It is great having a computer wizard in the family.  Oh will I'm not certain I want to try to format a story on this crazy lap top so I will put it off until I have my PC.  See you guys around the block.   Second Chance by Juanita Olson for sale at Smashwords.

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