Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reading Blogs

I enjoy reading other writer's blogs and blogs by moms.  Main reason I feel connected to these people because I am a writer and because I am a mom of five wonderful grown kids.  Today at The Lipstick Chronicles Nancy Pickard wrote a heart touching blog "Home, Sweet Home".  It reminded me of years ago when I was in college (long, long, time ago) in sociology class the teacher told us the middle class would disappear and we would either be rich or poor.  No more middle ground.  As I listen to the news and see the changes in my own neighborhood I am reminded of her remarks.  The middle class is disappearing, will this recession slow down the disappearence of the middle class or will it speed it up?  As humans we have learned to pick ourselves up, brush the dirt from our back sides and try, try again.  I have always told my children as long as you believe in a God, (it didn't matter to me which religion they chose as long as they had something) and were willing to work hard, they could make it in this world.  Right now I am setting the example of being a laid off teacher, whose prospects aren't bright for a new job, because I am a babyboomer.  I have decided to work as hard as I can to reach a goal I put on the back burner as young adult busy with husband and children; to become a writer and have people read my books. Of course I never envision ebooks at the time.  I have my first finished book Second Chance on Smashwords and I hope to have more out there.  I have enough money to support me for a year, so I will be working flat out, but by the grace of God I will make it and be better for it.  I tell my kids to continue learning and striving for a better life.  I am proud of my kids and I want them to be proud of me.  Wish me luck.  See you around the block.

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