Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello, anyone there?

Have you ever felt you are alone in the world?  I get that feeling everytime I open this blog and it looks as if no one has been here.  Isn't it interesting enough?  Come on guys out of the millions of readers and bloggers there must be someone out there.  Can you tell I am having a bad day?  Yesterday and today the muse has decided to hide and make faces at me.  But then who could blame it, when there doesn't seem to be any interest in my book Second Chance at Amazon and Smashwords.  People it is only $2.99.
Okay, now on to something interesting.  First off my favorite blog has disappeared and I want to know who is guilty?  I loved reading and laughing through Absolutely Narcissim, and SOB it isn't there anymore.  But I did find K.B. Owen, Mystery Writer fun to read today.  Of course I find Sling Words very educational, but generally it is more for the known writers.  An unknown writer who is feeling neglected.  Shoot I may have to find a day job and at my age that want we easy. 
If you have been reading this,let me know.  Otherwise I could become very sarcastic.

I had to use two different covers because the cover I used for Smashwords was not big enough for Amazon and since I am not that handy I couldn't make the orginal bigger.  So if you can't beat them make a new bigger cover.  LOL
See you around the block.

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