Monday, September 26, 2011

Second Chance on Sale at Amazon

Have you ever been caught out in a storm on a road you have never been before?  Will it happened to me.  Mercy, I thought it would be a little bitty storm consisting of a few drops of rain.  I mean really is this the desert?  Does the desert receive rain?  In my mind I thought I would see tumble weeds and cactus.  Arizona was always in a drought cycle I thought.  So I blithly pass through the town of Tombstone headed toward my destination Bisbee.  The town built on the side of mountains.  When the first streak of lightening lit the sky followed by a deep roll of thunder, I had a feeling I may have biten off more then I could chew.  Mercy, the thunder echoed through the mountains like a mega phone does to your voice.  Geez, would it be safe to make a u-turn on a two lane road?  I looked at my GPS and realized it was the same distance either way I chose to go.  I decided to push forward come what may.  I came to Arizona for adventure and this was an adventure fighting against the elements.
She gripped the steering wheel so hard her knuckles were white, leaning forward she strained to see through the rain.  The wind shield wipers were not able to keep up with the sheets of water pouring from the sky and the waves of dirty water thrown up by the tires of her car.  The rain so thick, her car headlights only penetrated a few feet of the black ribbon of water that made up the two lanes of the road.  Thunder clapping loudly above her head made her jump and her car bounce toward the edge of the road on the passenger side.  She was freezing and sweating at the same time.  Icy fingers of fear held her in its grip as sweat ran down her back.  A soft prayer parted her lips as she fought the wind that tried to push her car closer to the edge of the road.  She had caught glimpses of a deep ravine running along side the road as lightening forked through the sky.  The storm had hit suddenly and violently.  Unlike any storm she had driven through before. She should have gotten a room in Tombstone for the night.  Instead she was driving up a two lane road toward Bisbee where she had reservations at the Copper Queen Hotel.

"Lord Love a duck," she murmured taking a trembling hand off the wheel to wipe the sweat from her forehead before it ran into her eyes.  She had thought it would be a little rain storm like back home.  For heaven sakes, this was the desert and it was suppose to be dry.  Grabbing hold of the wheel again with her free hand as a gust of stronger wind forced her car over a few inches.  She didn't know how long she had been driving through this hell and didn't dare take her eyes off the road to look at the dash clock.  All she knew was her entire body was trembling with fatigue and she wondered if she should stop where she was at until the storm passed, but the fear of another car coming up behind her and the fear of her car being washed over the edge of the ravine kept her going.  A clap of thunder made her ears ring and bright lightning striking next to her car caused her to let go of the steering wheel.  A scream tore from her throat as she felt her car go over the edge and roll over slowly again and again down to the bottom of the ravine.  It came to a jarring halt upside down.  She hung upside down crying and fumbling with the seat belt trying to get it to release.  Unable to get the clasp to open, she realized if she pulled gently on the shoulder strap she could loosen it and slide it over her shoulder freeing the top of her body.  Wiggling she felt the seat belt around her hips slide up a little and continued until she slipped through the belt and fell to the roof of her car.  Smelling smoke she searched for the glove box in the pale light given off by the dash lights.  Finding the glove box she opened it and searched for the large screw driver she knew was in there.  The lightening and thunder was moving farther away from her and the rain had stopped falling.  Finding the screw driver she held the handle in both hands as she drove it into the cracked door window on the passenger side of the car.  Gasping for breath and crying she continued to jab the window with the screw driver.  It was becoming smokier in the car and she knew it wouldn't be long until the fire became a blaze.  Figuring she had enough cracks in the shattered window, she crawled around to put both feet against the window and kicked with all her might.  The second kick the window gave and cold air swept into the car.  The engine burst into flame and she scrambled through the window realizing she needed to get away from the car.  Clawing and crawling up the side of the muddy ravine she reached the edge of the road and the blast from the exploding car knocked her unconscious.  A truck was slowly moving down the rain swept road from Bisbee when the passengers saw the fire ball in the sky.

If you want to find out what happens read Second Chance.

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